Beauty Lust #1

I thought it's about time I had some order on the blog, so I've decided to do a weekly post on my beauty lust for that week! Believe me, I spend hours every day looking at make-up products on-line, reading reviews and at every opportunity I get I'm testing out new products and requesting samples.

My ultimate beauty lust has to be the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation. I heard so many reviews on this foundation, both good and bad and I have to say this remains a product that I want to get my hands on so much.

YSL Touche Eclat - £28

I've linked the foundation to as they currently have it on sale for £25.20, which is an absolute bargain and means it may be in my make-up bag very soon! I have quite pale skin, so I swatched the lightest sample and it really looked like a dream on. I loved the feel and the finish. Not to cliché, but it felt so lightweight on as if there was nothing there. The finish was smooth, without being shiny and it made me really want a bottle. It isn't even as expensive as other high end foundations and with that sale price, I really feel it is something that I need!

Have any of you tried this foundation? What do you think?

E x



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  2. I'm so desperate for this foundation! Only £7 off having enough Boots Advantage points for it, exciting! Hope you get it :) xxx

    1. Oh let me know if you like it! I want it so much for christmas :) xxx

  3. Ah I can't afford expensive foundation any more and it's toooo sad :( making me want itttttt x

  4. I thought it had lovely smell too - not like some foundations that are on the market!

  5. hm i think i will try it!


  6. I've yet to try this but have heard so much about it. I will treat myself after Christmas, i think! x


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